Hey there! I'm Allison

My passion is helping women who love spirituality and spiritual concepts take control of their realities by teaching them to fully trust their intuition, ditch doubt when it shows up, and align with their real selves.

Hey there! I'm Allison.

I love blending spiritual and personal development concepts helping people life happier, fuller lives.

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It's okay. You don't need to be shy about how much time and money you've spent on books, programs, and coaches.
Been there and done that myself. No judgment here.
I never really found what I was looking for though, and I was never really able to make what I was learning stick. I would read tons of books, listen to famous coaches, buy program after program, and still not much changed. Little things here and here, but nothing on a large scale as was promised.
It's what inspired me to write and teach my own material.
I figured if looking outside me for answers didn't work, I'd try looking inside.
My journey with spiritual growth started long before my passion for self-help became this intense. (I'm VERY passionate about the topics I teach. At least, that's what people tell me.)
In 1990, my mom had just transitioned from pancreatic cancer. As I sat beside her, I saw with my mind's eye her spirit leave her body. It wasn't one of those scary movie scenes where a ghost-like form is leaving the recently deceased.
It was just a deep, connected-to-something-bigger KNOWING that Mom was gone, but the essence of her still remained.
Where had it gone? I had no idea. I just knew there was more to Mom than her physical body and we could still connect.
I didn't think about that experience much after that day.
I went to college. Became an elementary teacher. Got married. Had kids. Gained and lost weight. Honed my ability to channel spiritual insight. Watched friendships come and go. Started a business. Messed it all up. Started over with online education. Embraced my passion for reading, exercise, and being outside. Planted a garden. Raised some pretty awesome girls, one of whom is about to leave home for college.
I've kept busy over the years, focused on the good stuff and didn't think a whole bunch about that day with Mom ... until I did.
I summoned the knowing I'd received that day and focused on learning all I could about consciousness, spirit, our constant connection to Source, and how to use our spirituality and physicality to the fullest in this lifetime.
I write and teach my own spiritual and personal development material now for two reasons:
1) I was tired of standardized approaches to personal development. Even the most well-meaning coaches typically have a specific methodology and few answers when that approach doesn't work.
The universe is infinite and so are the ways in which you can create the life you want. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
2) I felt a strong impulse to reconnect with the spiritual side of myself. The side that guided me to see there was more to Mom than a physical body.
I've been teaching my own material since 2015 and I absolutely LOVE it.
My teachings include my channeled spiritual insights, helpful knowledge I've learned from a few select teachers, and a signature framework that allows you, the student, to decide what approach works best for you in the moment.
With every new class I create, every new question you ask and every new answer I give, we put ourselves into a co-creative experience taking thought where it has never been before in all of the universe .... and I love that!
Personal growth is meant to be fun and personalized as opposed to feeling like hard work with an agenda. It comes most easily when ideas you've never had before are nurtured and allowed to grow.
Shoot me an email if you have any questions about the courses or how I might be able to help you: [email protected]

Me and Geoff in Paris in 2015. This was the day before he completed the Paris-Brest-Paris road bike event. (He has more hair now).

In June, 2020, Isabella graduated high school, Sofia graduated 8th grade, and Estella finished sophomore year of high school.

Me, Mom, and my brother, John. This is the last photo taken of Mom before she entered the hospital.