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Accelerate Your Mojo: Introductory Class (Free)

Do you struggle to make the right decisions in life, or worry you made the wrong ones? Are fear and doubt stopping y...

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Discover what intuition is, why yours is working perfectly, and how to use it to solve everyday problems!

Welcome to the Accelerate Your Mojo 3 Part Mini Series. This course is part one called Ignite Intuition. This course...

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AYM Monthly Group Coaching Call Membership

Enroll in the Accelerate Your Mojo monthly group membership program today! Your reoccurring monthly membership e...

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Free Educational Videos, Interviews, and Podcasts

Enjoy these free educational videos, interviews, and podcasts about how to accelerate your mojo and so much more.

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Private Facilitation

Private facilitation, or one-to-one coaching, is when you and I meet via phone, skype, or another virtual meeting pla...

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Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake off Fear and Unleash the Real You

The Accelerate Your Mojo Self-Guided Course helps you: Dramatically decrease feeling of self-doubt, regret, and se...

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March to the beat of your inner drummer.

Accelerate Your Mojo Self-Guided Course

Discover how to ignite intuition so you always know what your best decision is, increase ease instead of fear and unleash the real you. This course is the first of it's kind offering you the best help you can find: self-help from your total self. A simple seven step formula gives you the tools to uncover the root cause of your emotional discomfort and fully understand how to use problems as diagnostic tools to identify and rewrite limiting beliefs. Learn to love yourself and your life in a whole new way, clarify your true spiritual nature and so much more.