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My life-changing decision comes full circle.

This is a short excerpt from my forthcoming book, Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake off Fear, and Unleash the Real You. This post is mentioned in the health section of my Visualization Mastery 201 course on Udemy, where I talk about vibration and the body. If you've come from that class, Welcome to the AYM process!


My life-changing decision comes full circle.

The specific mindset habits I’d cultivated for most of my life might never have been squelched, if it wasn’t for what I experienced the day Mom died. As she lay lifeless in her bed, questions burst forth from me that I wanted answers to such as: How are we both spiritual and physical beings at the same time? How is it, from a spiritual and a scientific perspective, we create our lives? How do we make life better for ourselves? How did I feel love without being the object of someone’s loving gaze?

I needed to know how Mom was able to tell me everything would okay with her eyes, not words. My question sounded like, How was it possible that I felt such unconditional love and ease, in what was supposed to be the most painful moment of my life?

In the moments after Mom had fully transitioned, and by human standards died, I no longer felt sad. I no longer felt any impulse to cry, as I sat by her side.

What I’ve learned since then is that the peace I felt was created by the massive amount of positive energy focused on Mom, the moment she transitioned. Due to my early heightened awareness of emotional resonance, I was able to perceive the amplification of pure positive energy in the room that day.

Part of our consciousness is always non-physically focused. However, in our time of transition a cadre of unconditionally loving non-physical energies gather in support to welcome us home. They arrive to smooth the transition and remind us everything will always be okay.

Our tribe is always there to support us; we’re never alone.

For several seconds, after the last bit of physically focused energy left Mom’s body, I felt no angst, worry, or fear. I was enveloped in an inexplicable sense of ease and love.

Today I understand life and death are physical constructs, not spiritual constructs. Our consciousness never dies, or is annihilated. We simply change our rate of vibration and focus, as Mom did that day, and shed our physical guise.

I knew in my heart Mom had reemerged into her true state of being, pure positive energy, and there was nothing more to feel sad about. She’d been enveloped in a blanket of pure love by the broader part of herself, which I’m calling her non-physical consciousness. It was the strangest sensation to feel so good after feeling so bad only moments before. For years, I wondered what had happened between us that day. Now, I understand. It only took me twenty-five years to figure it out.

[Mom, Dad, and me, around 1978. She died just after I turned 20.]