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I Worry About the Future. How Do I Stop?

Worrying about the future, or any unknown factor of life, is very common. We worry how we'll find the next job, what we'll do once the kids are grown, how we'll find another partner when a relationship falls apart and if we'll ever be happy again when tragedy strikes.

The trick to creating lasting emotional relief is not about what you do. This is the common misconception. We believe action is the most direct path to relief. It's not. There's a faster path.

When life follows the pattern of, "I'll feel better once I do this or accomplish that ...." it's a sure fire way to stay in the flow of angst. You'll never go out ahead of thoughts such as those.

In order to feel happy, easy-going, and sure about the future, it's best to first understand the how and why of your emotional guidance system.

It begins by understanding you have an inner being, a non-physically focused aspect of you, which is directly connected to Source energy. This inner being part of the total package of you is always in a great place. Some people call this non-physically focused aspect of them their inner God Force, their connection to infinite intelligence, or their non-physical essence.

I don't use the word Soul as it can be misleading and has too many different definitions.

Consider this inner being, which we all have, as your center point from which you determine how you're feeling and thinking about all your experiences.

To experience any feeling other than love, there must be some point of energy holding steady from which you can understand all other emotions. Love is who you are; the the real you so its the place from which you jump off into this physical life experience.

Keep in mind, everything is relative.

We live in a relational universe and having two points of contrast is how we can experience anything.

If up didn't stay up, you could not experience down. If left didn't stay left, you would have no right. If love didn't stay love, you could never know hate.

When you worry, or experience sensations you would describe as worry, what you are experiencing is a difference of opinion. The physical you, which some people also call the intelletual aspect of you, is free to think anything you want. When you think a thought that doesn't feel good, such as, "I don't know what I'm going to do or how things will work out for me," your inner Source connected being, which is the real you, doesn't go there with you.

Your inner being NEVER varies from its position of love.

Love is a very particular vibration, as is fear, doubt and insecurity. When you think a thought that feels good, or your just simply in your groove having an awesome day, you've found your flow. You, and you inner being, are thinking the same way about you and life: awesome. There is not tension in this experience because all your energy—thinking, feeling and acting—is traveling in the same direction. It's just easy.

When you think a thought that feels bad you can feel the tension. You can feel how far away from your center point of ease and love you've traveled. This sensation of tension, unease, is your indication you're thinking a thought that your inner being isn't. Your inner being is never worried about the future, or anything, for that matter.

Your inner being knows you utter well being and will never join you in your negative thought. This is precisely how you can feel where you are, however, is there is a sensation to compare it to.

Life is so wonderful because you are free to choose any thought you want. You're so free you can even choose thoughts that feel like bondage. This is how loved, safe, cared for and free you are. You can think ANY kind of thought you want.

There is enormous value in the contrast. It's the contrast that provide the data we need to know what vibration we're in at any given moment.

This is critical data because this is a reality that operates on the property of attraction, not insertion. We create our own realities using our emotional tone as the magnet.

Negative emotion is a very good thing because it provides you with valuable data in order to know what's happening with your thoughts. It tells you what vibration you're in so you can change it. If you didn't have this indicating system, you were never know which way was up.

You would never put your foot in the fire and curse your skin for letting you know the stove was hot. You have sensors in your feet that let you know something is not right. You would never take a pain killer just to be able to stick your foot back on the fire. You want to know when you're too close so you can change your position.  

When you think a thought that has a negative feeling, the negative feeling itself is you indictor your thinking a different thought that your inner being.

There are two aspects of you making the totality of you: a physical self and a non-physical self. Your emotions are the language these two aspects use to stay in contact with one another and guide you back to feeling better.

Learning how to do this does not happen over night. In fact, most people walking the earth today have no idea 1. what emotions are 2. what they indicate 3. and how to use them to guide themselves out of constant worry and into chronic ease.

But now, you do. Knowing this information does not necessarily make it real for you. The next step is to begin exploring how this works in your every day life.

In time, you'll find the truth of this information for yourself.