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How will you spend your time in 2018?

Checking out at Target, the cashier in my lane looked at the cashier next to her. In a waning tone she said, "I don't want to work but I want the money."

She seemed to care little about connecting, barely looking me in the eye. Her discomfort with her current choice of employment, palpable. She'd placed her hat carelessly on her head; her shirt larger than her body by a factor of 3. 

It made me sad that she seemed to think she had no choice. Working is a necessity for most, yes. But, misery is a choice.

I wanted to ask her, "So, what would you do for work, if you believed you had a choice? Can you trust that a more fullfilling job, profession, or career exits for you? One where you wouldn't be so unhappy?"

Realistically, nothing about her situation is going to change by tomorrow. She won't wake up January 1, 2018 and miraculously have the creative endeavor of her dreams. 

But ... what does she want to do? Had she ever risked such an empowering thought?

The road to doing what we love for money can sometimes be a long one. It might take a year, three years, twenty years.

Before we can perceive the path we must understand, truly believe, that we do, in fact, have a choice. This invigorating expedition, connecting with our heart's passion, IS a journey worth taking.

You must believe to perceive ... the choices always present.

I'm sad that this woman wanted something she believed she couldn't have: freedom of choice.

I believe we all want to create, to 'work' at some task that inspires, energizes, and captures our imaginations. We're all built for the purpose of creating something magnificent whether that's tangible ideas in science and technology or intangible experiences that captivate attention such as music or human relations.

Had she never considered that work can be fun? Had she never pondered that she might have a passion, skill or talent that would put food on the table, a roof over her head and excitement in her day?

When you're doing what you love, even if there's no monetary exchange, it's a connection to who you really are.

Following your highest level of excitement, taking it as far as you can take it until you can take it any farther, yet not needing it to produce a result, is the best kind of 'work' we have.

Ironically, for those who trust they'll receive monetary exchange for their passions and talents, do.

There is nothing we'd rather do than create something of interest or something that gives us pleasure in this lifetime.

With this coming new year, I ask of you, "How will you spend your time in 2018?"

Will you endure the pain of boredom, the idea of mental, emotional or even physical bondage?

Or, will you instead brave the path of your highest excitement?