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How do I find the answers, faster, to problems I'm experiencing?

The minute you experience a problem or challenge, the answer is born. In the scope of what the universe is capable of, this level of creativity is small potatoes.

Before I give you the answer to this question, we must establish some ground rules.

1. In order for the you-niverse to expand, there must be contrast. Contrast is also known as problems and challenges, in human vernacular.

2. The answer, also known as the solution, exists in vibrational form before it can be seen in tangible form as an idea, thought, vision, conversation, or observation.

3. In order to realize this vibrational reality, you must be in the vacinity of it yourself—vibrationally.

4. Feelings (emotions) and thoughts create your vibrational countanance. You are, at your core, a vibrational being more than a physical one. Your physical self is simply a manifetation of your vibrational self.

5. Relaxing, reducing stress, having fun, being easy about things, and meditation are the best known ways to allow your inner vibration to organically raise and for you to reduce resistance.

Now that we have our ground rules set, here's what you can do to find the answers to your problems, faster.

Chill out.

You must know in your heart that when you stop trying so hard to solve it, you're more likely to bump into the answer. The answer will show itself to you in the form of an idea, thought, conversation, observation, or vision when you're relaxed. When this happens, you'll know beyond a shadow of a doubt, your vibration has risen to a higher frequency.

Problems and solutions are born together. When you have a problem, the solution is birthed right beside it. They are fraternal twins, not identical. Different DNA sequencing, same parent.

The challenge most humans have is they truly believe it's going to be hard, take a long time or be expensive to find their perfect answer.

It will be this way, if that's what you believe. How do you know if that's what you believe? It's how it shows up.

Having a problem should feel exciting, not daunting. It's an opportunity for you to recognize how the universe really works.

It's best, if from this day forward, you don't try to live a problem-free life. If you don't have problems, you can't expand as an energy based being. If humans didn't expand their consciousness, we'd still be living in caves trying to figure out how to cook our meat and stay warm.

All That Is doesn't view problems in the negative as humans so. I'm certain the word, problem, doesn't exist for universal intelligence. Contrast is simply how things work in the natural expanding of the universe.

The answers, which are the perfect solutions for whatever situations you're encoutering, are here the moment you articulate the problem. You're job is to chill out and stop doubting, fearing, or worrying.

Worry, fear, and doubt are very specific frequencies. They vibrate with a specific tone. They are separative in nature, thus holding you apart from the realization of perfect answer trying to get your attention.

Ease, trust, relief, appreciation are specific frequencies, as well. They also vibrate with a specific tonality. They are integrative in nature, thus pulling you toward the realization of perfect answer that's trying to get your attention.

The tone, or hertz, of your solution which is specific and unique to you, exists in an invisible matrix of frequency. This matrix, even though you can't see it, exists all around you right now. It works much like a spider's web.

When an idea hits the matrix, it vibrates the entire structure.

You are like the spider in this example. With practice, you can learn to decern the sound, tone, frequency, and location of the best ideas for you the moment they hit your matrix. Real spiders don't panic and shake their web hoping and praying an insect will somehow become ensnarled. They wait, body relaxed, until they feel the right vibration. Only then do they take action.

You'll realize the positive ideas stimulating your matrix when you're chilled out. You'll realize more of the negative ideas when you're stressed out. Two totally different frequencies. Both produce tangible results.

This is why the perfect answer always shows up in the shower, on the toilet, in the middle of the night, or walking in the woods.

It's always been there, your perfect answer, handing around in the atmosphere. You've just been too chronic in your doubt to see it.

How do you relax more so you can feel the subtle oscillation of your matrix? Practice.

You must decide, This I will do!

Then, add it to your calendar so you don't forget to relax.

Lastly, buy a spider suit. It's so much easier when you're in character.