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A Question About the Law of Attraction and the Power of Receptivity

This post is a conversation taken from a Law of Attraction class I teach on Udemy called, Law of Attraction Bootcamp: Fundamentals, Tips & Strategies. 

This particular dialog comes from a student's question, as it relates to the class material concerning the Law of Attraction and the Power of Receptivity.

You can find out more about this class, see free lesson previews, and enroll here.

Student Question, April 4, 2017:

I'm currently on Step 4, The Power of Receptivity. I don't fully understand the exercise. You said, "Dedicate yourself to following your highest level of excitement every moment of every day (or as much as you can) for 30 consecutive days. This is going to require a major shift in your thinking."

So, you want me to be happy about everything I do of every moment in each day? Do I dial into the station of being happy?

Thank you!

My Response: 

No, not exactly. Being happy all the time isn't possible, nor recommended. The spectrum of our emotions has great value and we are designed to move up and down.

Let's say you have three choices for lunch. This is a very simple example to begin with.

1. sandwich 2. soup 3. salad

Which one, relativity speaking, is the MOST exciting choice?

Let's say you love all three.

Then, you need to be aware of the subtle difference in gradations of love. Which do you love the MOST?

Now, let's say you don't like any of them. Out of the three choices, which do you hate the least?

Picking the one you hate the least would be following your highest level of excitement. If you're only capable of being glum about your three choices, and that's the best you can do, pick the one that you're the least glum about. That's following the highest level possible for you, in that moment, with the choices you have before you.

This exercise is about exploring the gradation of emotions and becoming more aware.

Why would you want to do that? Because your highest self, the part of you that's non-physical, has a bird's eye view of your life and choices. It can see the big picture while you, as a physical being, only have a limited view.

It's (your higher self) trying to lead you TOWARD that experience (goal, accomplishment, desire) you want, in the best way it can. How does your higher self, your 'soul' or 'spirit', if you will, talk to you? Through vibration.

How do you know what vibration you're in? Feelings. Gradations of feeling, to be specific.

Feelings are the DATA that you need to determine what vibration you're in.

Why does any of this matter? Because you want something different in your life and the 'fastest' path to that experience is understanding your vibrational nature, your chronic habits of thought and feeling, and active patterns of speech and behavior.

Thirty days of making aware choices will only lead you to being more aware of whether of not your following your inner guidance, your intuition. This is a good thing. If you point your focus at following your inner guidance for the little things such as lunch, social media comments, and how you respond to your mom, will naturally morph into awareness around the heavier topics such as relationships, success, happiness, health and self-worth.

What's the fastest way to change a result? Following the highest level of 'excitement' you can muster for the situation and choices you have before you, in any given situation or circumstance.

Another example would be ... Let's say you're angry about a post you saw (or engaged in) on social media, or a comment your mom made about your lifestyle choices.

You can. 1. ignore it. 2. respond. 3. pause for 10 seconds and then talk slowly, so as to choose the best words you can. or 4. yell.

What the most 'exciting' choice for that particular situation? Which choice FEELS the best to you, or conjures the highest emotional constitution you can muster at the moment?

Keep in mind, yelling might be the most exciting thing you can do in that moment. If you're someone who's depressed, feeling angry IS A STEP UP. We're told repeatedly that it's an inappropriate choice, but for someone who's entrenched in self-hatred, guilt, depression, jealousy, or a pulsating sense of victimization, the choice of anger is the best they can do. It's their highest level of excitement.

Keep the questions coming. Love them!

Student Response, April 5, 2017:

Thank you for your detailed response. I really appreciate it. I'm starting to understand what you are trying to say now. I see that one of the most important things in LOA attraction is to be aware of your feelings. You brought it up in section 2 and I see why now.

My Response:

Yes!!! This is a VIBRATIONAL REALITY, which gets translated by our senses. How do we know this to be true? If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

No, it makes a vibration. A person with no capability for traditional auditory hearing, or an ear drum to TRANSLATE THE VIBRATION INTO SOUND, would NOT HAVE THE EXPERIENCE OF SOUND. But, there would be the experience of feeling the vibration in the body.

Everything you experience is a translation of vibration. What's the first point of reference for vibrational transition for a human? Emotion, or feelings. This is the very first manifestation of what's going on in your inner reality. Physical manifestations are old news, in the same way that a rash on your arm in 'old news'. There was an infection or inner disruption of health, long before the rash showed up.

Money, (or any evidence in life such as relationships, health, success, happiness), as in what's in your bank account, is akin to the rash in this analogy. It's an 'old news' indicator of what's been going on in your inner reality. It does no good to fret over it. Just love it for what it is and dive into your inner world. That's where the pot of gold is!

Think of the money in the bank as a reflection, instead of a rash, if the rash analogy doesn't do it for you. You can never 'reach into the mirror' and make yourself smile. You must smile first, then watch the reflection demonstrate what has already happened in your world. Inside out creating it is!!!

P. S. One more thought on the LOA ...

You may wish you explore the ideas of Jane Roberts. She channeled the entity called Seth in the 1960s and 70s. Seth offered us the idea that we create our own realities and how. There have been many channelers who've offered ideas about the formation of reality, and there will be many more in the future. If you're interested in these ideas and teachings, it's worth the time to read the Seth Books.

Napoleon Hill, who wrote Think and Grow Rich, was one of them. He channeled his work, although he never said that publicly. The word that was edited out of Napoleon's work was the word 'vibration'. Humanity just wasn't ready for such advanced ideas at the time of publication.

The other idea that needs updating is the idea of a subconscious mind that's sabotaging our results. There are many teachers of this idea, currently. We have a whole mind that is available to us, always. Not a portioned mind, of which part is trying to make your life miserable.

The idea of the sub-conscious ('sub' meaning hidden or below) goes against the truth, which is, all there is, is love. The idea that we would intentionally screw ourselves over is not an idea based in love. It makes sense, logically, when using fear based thinking, but it doesn't jive with the idea of love is all there is.

The idea of a sub portion of the mind is old news and needs some updating. For some who have spent their lives training and teaching this idea, coaching patients and students that altering a sub portion of their mind is the only way to heal, I realize this idea sounds blasphemous and that's okay. New ideas are always meet with resistance.

As I connect with my own inner guidance and source of knowledge, I've begun to understand that LOA is an idea that we, the collective consciousness of humanity, have agreed upon to serve us in our better understanding of ourselves. Since consciousness lives outside the walls of time and space, and there are no rules to it's creative power other than,

1. love is all there is. 2. It is always and forever 3. expansion is always and forever and 4. we write the story as we wish, every time.

This is why mankind is always changing. The more we know, the more things change.

While there are many who will tell you the LOA is about attraction, it's not, really. It's really more about perception and interpretation than anything else. No human can magnetize a thing or idea, or repel it from themselves. We create our own realities, always, but not in a push or pull process. Not in an efforting process.

Everything that we want, desire, ask for, goal set for, becomes a virtual reality the minute we ask for it.

Why? Because outside the realm of time and space there is no past, or future, only the now moment. If there is no time, there is no needing to 'attract' or 'repel', 'surrender to' or 'protect from'. Everything exists all at once and yet it is always expanding.

This 'now' part of us exists in us ... well, now, as I type this message, feel happy or sad, eat lunch, do laundry, drive to work, success, failure and so on.

The trick to LOA is to understand creation is really about perception. Everything is here and now, here and now. There is nothing to attract, only stuff to perceive and become aware of.

What are you perceiving or trying to perceive? The thing that you asked for (desire or goal). On the way to the perception of the experience, you're going to encounter challenges and have experiences that help you clarify, more specifically, what it is you truly want. We humans like to call this part 'the journey'. This is the fun part; not the hard part. Since we live inside a dominion of time and space, these two attributes will be part of the journey, always, until we transition. We can't escape the rule of the game.

LOA is always 'on', so to speak. Those who try to 'work with it' are not approaching this idea in a realistic way. You can't work with LOA any more than you can work with gravity. Gravity just is and you accept is as part of this universe.

If I could change the name of LOA, I would. I'd call it LOP, Law of Perception, or maybe even LOR, Law of Realization.

Attraction is not really wants happening in our reality. The thing you want becomes a reality the minute you desired it. The ONLY thing standing between you and it, is your perception (and beliefs). It won't show up tomorrow, but it will present itself to you WHEN YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT VIBRATION TO PERCEIVE IT.

Student Response and Continued Questions, April 6, 2017:

I loved the analogies you gave about the rash and bank account. I read it couple times. Gave me another way to look LOA. You start to look at your own life and you see how you manifested your current reality.

I will heard about Napoleon Hill's book (many times), but not Jane Roberts' books. I will add them to my reading list.

I read this (your statement above) a few times:

"Everything that we want, desire, ask for, goal set for, becomes a virtual reality the minute we ask for it. Why? Because outside the realm of time and space there is no past, or future, only the now moment. If there is no time, there is no needing to 'attract' or 'repel', 'surrender to' or 'protect from'. Everything exists all at once and yet, it is always expanding."

What is expanding?

Can you extrapolate more on this, "If there is no time, there is no needing to 'attract' or 'repel', 'surrender to' or 'protect from'. Everything exists all at once and yet it is always expanding."

I read it few times and I did not fully understand it.

"It won't show up tomorrow, but it will present itself to you WHEN YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT VIBRATION TO PERCEIVE IT."

So, once I'm on the right vibration for what I want, then I receive it. How do I know when I'm on the right vibration? 

 My Response:

There are only a few true laws of the universe. They are:

1. Love is the only thing there is.

2. Your consciousness never dies.

2. Change is the only constant.

When I say, "It is always expanding," I mean you, the essence of you, and you, your life experience.

It is the one thing you can't stop: change.

In one year, your liver has completely renewed itself. You literally have a totally new liver. You can see your fingernails growing every week. They never stay the same. Just try and stop your hair from growing; you can't do it.

Your psychic constitution also changes daily, dependent on how you vibrate.

Expansion is defined as: a thing formed by the enlargement, broadening, or development of something.

LOA aids in the expansion process of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and perceptions. By virture of a 'bad' experience, you learn more about what you don't want in life—EXPANSION IS TAKING PLACE. By having 'good' experiences, you are learning more about what you DO want—EXPANSION IS TAKING PLACE. You can not avoid expansion of your thoughts, ideas, desires, ambitions, motivations, etc. It's a BUILT IN ALGORITHM OF LIFE ITSELF.

Once the physical body dies, your consciosness contines to expand, in that you continue to have thoughts, desire, ideas, creativity, etc., just not using the vehicle of tangible flesh.

LOA is assisting in all of this, on this plane of reality. (HINT: other realities don't have LOA, as they don't need it for emotional or physic growth. Many realities no longer need the physical experience to expand their perspective. So, they don't have it.)

This mysterious LOA, is a law that we (consciousness of humanity) chose to use to learn more about our own creativity and innovation ..... AND to discard the label of victim. When a name was needed to describe the law (by Abraham-Hicks), humanity could accept the idea of attraction because it fit within our level of understanding, within our framework of understanding.

However, since everything is always expanding, so is our use of language and understanding of what is really going on and what we're truly doing to create our of realities.)

I know that's deep, and perhaps hard to wrap your hear around, but just roll with it.

Looking into popular personal development culture, at the moment, most of the well known teachers are using the idea of attraction to describe how to create more changes in life you want. They talk about positive thinking as the vehicle for invoking the LOA. They talk as if you can turn the LOA on and off and as if there are some people who are using it and other who are not.

This is an inaccurate perception of LOA. It's not something you can turn on and off; neither is the Law of Gravity. No one wakes up in the morning and wants to sign up for a Law of Gravity class.

Why? Because it's a conventionally accepted idea that verifies why we don't float away. Very few people understand how gravity truly works, yet no one questions it and no one needs to be schooled on how to use it.

The same principles must be applied when considering the idea of a law based on the idea of attraction. Keep in mind, gravity is attaction more than LOA is attraction.

One of the definitions of attraction is: a force acting mutually between particles of matter, tending to draw them together, and resisting their separation; the action or power of drawing forth a response.

'Draw together' and 'draw forth' imply a power on the part of the constant (you) to pull something toward yourself.

In my experience, this is what those who teach about LOA typically instruct their students to do. (If you can find a class where they don't talk about LOA and positive affirmations, and even positive actions, as the thing that causes your good fortune, please point it out!) There is a lot of talk about using positive thought to 'draw unto you' you're desired outcome. This is why students who say affirmations regularly, and do all the right actions, but nothing changes, get so frustrated.

IT'S NOT ABOUT DRAWING SOMETHING TOWARD YOU. This is not how we create our realities. We're not pulling things to us, as the word attraction implies using thought, word or deed.

We are mastering vibrational coherence, which allows us a difference of perception. What are you perceiving? The experience YOU want, for yourself (which was created the minute you asked for it, and you 'unvelied' as you moved through your life experience, in a construct called TIME AND SPACE.)

Many people, who are disciples of conventional LOA teachings, also believe it's what they DO that creates their success, or lack of success.

Action is fun; action is necessary, yes, but it's a misunderstanding to think what you do is why things work in a person's favor.

Have you ever seen two people take the same class, do the same actions, be raised by the same parents, etc, but get very different results??

I know a women who joined a mentoring group with an excellent teacher. The teacher was really good at what she did. The idea was for her students to earn 6 figures in 3 years, using this teacher's ACTION BASED formula.

It's been two years and while there are many examples of success in said teacher's program, my friend WHO DID ALL THE RIGHT ACTIONS AND IS A VERY SPRITUAL PERSON has to sell two of her road bikes in order to pay her bills this month. She is no where near earning 6 figures.

How can this be?? IT'S NOT THE ACTIONS THAT ARE CREATING THE SUCCESS OR LACK OF IT, for any of us. LOA is not blessing some and cursing others. And we're not creating our lives via positive thinking alone, either. We're creating via vibation and THIS is the true basis of the idea of LOA. But again, it more about perception than attraction.

To your statement, "So, once I'm on the right vibration for what I want, then I receive it," the answer is yes. You have proof of this all day every day, already. You're vibrating now. You have 'good' results, yes? Proof of your positive vibration. You have 'bad' results, yes? Proof of your negative vibration.

Vibration does't manifest from your head, or intellect. It's a core, visceral sensation. It's a felt sense of knowing peace is real so you never doubt; or a fear so real you sweat bullets sitting on your couch alone in the dark.

This class and you're enrollment is a perfect example of being in the vibration of something and receiveing it. I'm going to guess that signing up for this class was, as we say, no big deal.

I'm also going to guess that within a very short period of time you had a thought about learning more about LOA, and then you found this (or perhaps, another) class. Maybe it was a comment you heard someone make that peaked your interest, maybe you saw something on FB,  or perhaps you read a book that discussed being more aware of creating your life in a way that feels better to you and with that thought came a FEELING OF INTEREST, CURIOSITY, OR AN EMOTION THAT FELT GOOD TO YOU and A RESULT (ENROLLMENT).


The other problem with the common misconceptions about LOA and how people are teaching it, is they completely gloss over the fact that every day life is LOA at play. If a teacher wants to claim that LOA works for some people and not others, that you have to do this and not that in order for it to work, that would be like me telling you gravity works for some people and not others and unless you tap your head, nose and chin, 5 times everyday before you get out of bed, you're going to float away. Nonsense!

LOA is NOT about your BIG GOALS, LOFTY AMBITIONS AND LONGING FILLED DREAMS. It's about the people you run into on the way to work, why your car breaks down, when and how it does, and why you eat the food you do.

Think about how you discovered this class, how you had that argument with your sister, or how you won that free ticket to the concert last week. None of these things seemed like big deals and all of them are evidence of LOA. The are evidence of you being in a vibration and receiving an outcome. The idea of LOA, is that it's working in your inner reality long before you see it's evidence in your outer reality.

So, to answer you're question .... you're always in the 'right vibration' because you're always vibrating. Humans are the only creatures who perceive some life circumstances as good and some bad, which is subjective.

Nonetheless, if you want more of the stuff you perceive as 'good', then the answer to HOW to shift your vibraion is simple: RELAX.

Good vibrations fall under the category positive feelings so anything in the realm of happy, relaxed, hopeful, optimistic, satisfied, trusting, forgiving, joyful, curious, interested, easy going, etc. is a positive vibration and an aligned, co-operative agent.

Positive vibrations enable you to SEE/PERCEIVE THE THING YOU ARE SEEKING. Why? Because the thing you want became a virational reality the second you asked for it. The money (success, relationship, health, success, happiness) you want is already ready for you to receive it ... if you don't hold it apart from you with feelings (which are actually evidence of your vibration) of doubt, fear, guilt, rage, jealousy, worthlessness, etc.

Think about the happy thing you want as a round peg and feeling negative as a square hole. They just don't fit!

When an idea, activity, thought, or opportunity comes to you that feels exciting, fun, interesting, etc., that's your CLUE that LOA is offering you (so to speak) a chance to move in the direction of the overall experience you want, IN TIME. It's always offering, but so many of us just don't see it because of how much we doubt our worthiness to receive. We don't truly think that good stuff will actually happen to us, which is the vibration that keeps us from seeing that it does!! All day every day!!


When I got an opportunity to publish with a small publishing company a year ago, I wasn't LOOKING for the opportunity. I'd seen a FB post from someone who seemed to be publishing her first book with a publishing company. I perceived that as, "Oh, how lucky for her! Next time I write a book, I want it to be with a firm that covers all the cost, distributes worldwide, does all the editing, cover, etc."

(Understand that LOA is working in every moment of this story, from every thought, to feeling to action and outcome.)

It was a thought that zipped through my mind in a matter of a few seconds and at first, had a smattering of jealousy attached to it, but ... I recognized it as a negative emotion and immediately moved up the scale of reconance to be more akin to optimism and trust.

A week later I got an email from a guy named Justin at Motivational Press. I deleted the email because I assumed it was an offer to pay $2,500 to publish a book. I wasn't going to do that; it was not what I wanted. (My deleting the email is evidence of my NOT being in coherent vibration with a desire that whoosed through my mind only one week before.)

Then, about three days later a friend from California told me about an offer she got to publish her book from Motivational Press. MP had worked with a friend of hers who was on the Oprah Winfrey Show years ago and she belived it to be a good firm.

(Still no awareness on my part that this was the answer to the experience/desire/wish I'd asked for showing itself to me, from one week ago. But, the idea was starting to get interesting.)

Then I said, "Well, I did get an email about publishing a couple of days ago. I'll get it from my email trash."

Fast forward, I decided to answer Justin's email with a pitch for a book I hadn't even intended to write. (I was writing another class (that is not housed on Udemy), but not a book.)

Long story short, I wrote the book and it comes out this month (April 2017).

By the way, all the ideas in the book 'came to and through me' using the idea of LOA, which is also the idea of momentum of energy. One idea leads to another, which leads to another, and so on. The energy it's created in, either good or bad, is the glue that holds the idea together. If it's negative, the experience will fall apart. If it's positive, it sticks together. Positive energy is integrative; negative energy is seperative.

This book publishing story blends the idea of LOA, with emotional awareness, and the idea of following your highest level of excitement.

I wasn't planning on writing this book and it wasn't a BIG GOAL. It was a small fleeting thought that felt good ... but which lead me to an experience that I desired. And it was ALL EASY along the way. It was never 'hard work'.

Not everything in life is like this, but that's the beautify of life. There has to be something to move through, called contrasting experiences, or there no point in being human.

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