So, you want to know something about me?

Writing, walking, reading are things I do daily.

If I stopped writing, I'd probably stop breathing.

My husband is funny in the, Awwwwwe, Daaaadeee ... singsongy kind of way. He tells strange jokes and makes silly faces to inspire our girls laugh.

As of today our kids are ten, twelve, and fourteen year old. To my eyes, they are stunningly beautiful creatures. They love being sisters. It's lovely to watch.

Sometimes when Geoff gets mad at a situation he'll say in a deep, daddy-means-business voice, Alright now, everyone just calm down.

It bugs me when people say that when they clearly mean me.  

I never imaged I'd be a writer growing up. Most of my youth was spent doing non-writer stuff and getting into trouble. It's a miracle I made it out alive.

In high school, I ranked among the top 25 skiers in North America in my age category of 10-12. That was in 1989 .... a long, long, long, long time ago.

This summer (2016) we planted a butterfly garden in the backyard. I just saw our first butterfly last weekend.

One night in high school some friends and I jumped off the Charlevoix Bridge. Not the best idea, in hindsight.

I like chocolate cake, prefer my café creme while people watching in Paris and picnicing at the Chicago Botanic Gardens on warm summer days.

One day someone important will invite me to be the voice of a cartoon characters in a pixar film.

Then, on another day I'll write a killer science fiction story about an oversoul and it's six personality essences. They'll make it into a blockbuster film.

For today, I'll settle for being known as an awesome teacher and author of the cutest darn children's books on the planet.