AYM Monthly Group Coaching Call Membership

Enroll in the Accelerate Your Mojo monthly group membership program today! Your reoccurring monthly membership entitles you to:

  • A 14 day free trial. Be sure to attend at least one of the calls to ensure this is the right type of support for you. The more calls you can attend in your 14 day free trial, the more you'll feel the love and support of your AYM tribe. You'll love how more seasoned monthly members fully support those who are new to the AYM community!
  • Up to 4 hours of coaching support per month. Group members can attend as many calls a month as they want. Each group membership call is 60 minutes long. Join in on one, or all, the calls depending on the type of support you need. You decide!
  • These calls are intended to explain concepts, answer questions, provide guidance within a loving, supportive and educational community environment. They are focused on you and your personal and spiritual growth!
  • Group calls are held on Mondays 1:30-2:30 PM CST. Calls are recorded and e-mailed to all active members of the monthly program. 
  • Call topics are flexible and cyclical. While it's my intent to focus on one of the seven steps for each call, the format is very flexible and we'll make sure your questions are addressed. I use TONS of real life examples (mine and yours) to help teach the steps and information in the program.



AYM Group Coaching Call Monthly Membership

Enroll today and let us help you realize your desired AYM transformations. We love welcoming new members just like you! These calls take place weekly for 60 minutes and are for you to have the time and space ask your specific questions and get personalized answers. Participating in these calls makes understanding and applying the AYM information so much easier. The calls information will be mailed to you once you enroll so look for that immediate email. Enroll today and get a 14 day trial period for free. 

$149.00 USD every month