Private Facilitation

Private facilitation, or one-to-one coaching, is when you and I meet via phone, skype, or another virtual meeting platform, and you receive coaching in how to create the Accelerate Your Mojo transformations you want.

It's ideal for someone who has already purchased the self-guided Accelerate Your Mojo course and needs more direct assistance realizing their outcomes. It's also great for someone who would like assistance in understanding and implementing the AYM steps right from the start.

Private facilitation is the done with you approach to personal transformation.

If you're someone who wants personalized examples of how to implement the AYM steps, and enjoys focused attention on you and your solutions, private facilitation is the ideal option for you.

Using the self-guided Accelerate Your Mojo course as our outline and basis of our work together, private clients learn how to find ideal solutions on their biggest personal challenges. Please note: I am not providing the solutions; I'm teaching you to follow your inner guidance and discovery your own ideal solutions.

This is true meaning of empowerment.

Together, we get crystal clear on how you can become the transformations you want. We address why things aren't turning around faster and what to do about it.

What you'll love about private coaching is the flexibility. It's truly is a wonderful, tailored approach.

Learning to interpret the feedback of your own reality and emotions quickly clears away the mental and emotional fog that can sometimes settle in when a person is working independently.

Private client sessions are à la carte. You can purchase one session at a time, or a discounted package of three sessions. Please contact me directly at for a 3 session discount coupon of 20% off.

Private facilitation is only done after a student has enrolled in the self-guided program. We  reference the material in this class, in order for our session(s) to be most effective.



Accelerate Your Mojo Private Facilitation: Single Session

 Private facilitation is done on an as needed basis. Purchase single sessions anytime you need them! Individual 1 hour sessions are $125.00 per session.  

$125.00 USD